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What is Google Apps for Business?

Gmail for Business, Google Calendar, and Google Drive (Documents, Spreadsheets, Presentations) all come to mind when people talk about Google Apps. In reality, those are just the tip of the iceberg. Google Apps is part of a cloud ecosystem that is the foundation for building a business that is more productive, more connected and more efficient. In addition to the core Google Services, moving to Google Apps gives you access to an entire marketplace of third party solutions -- all of which integrate seamlessly with Google Apps.

The Cloud Isn’t Just About Saving Money

Too many companies fall into the sunk-cost trap of overvaluing aging hardware and infrastructure investments and continuing to spend money on solutions that are no longer effective. The reality is that the ROI of cloud solutions like Google Apps is measured in months and can be well over 300%. More importantly, the productivity gains are 3 times that of the IT cost savings. (source: Forrester)

The World’s Best IT Department

Moving your business to Google Apps means the best IT department in the world is working for you. The Google Apps SLA guarantees 99.9% availability with zero scheduled down-time. There is no server hardware to maintain and no client software to patch; all you need is a browser. If you don’t have your own IT department, you can stop moonlighting and get back to growing your business. If you do have an IT department, they can spend less time resolving issues and more time on business critical projects.

Why Purchase Google Apps through a Reseller?

Choosing to go Google is easy, but change is always a challenge. That’s where a partner reseller can help. It all starts with a plan: we help you formulate a strategy that works best for your business and your users. As deployment experts, we know the right questions to ask to ensure a seamless implementation. We also focus on preparing your users; a successful migration depends on user adoption - training and change management are essential. 

We’re Here to Help

 The relationship doesn’t end when you’re up and running on Google Apps, rather that’s just the beginning. Cloud Shifters is there to provide support and to be your advocate. After all, your top priority should be running your business. Time spent managing technology is time that could be spent winning over new customers, keeping existing customers happy and growing your business. 

Learn from Cloud Shifters

There’s a lot of great information available, but it’s difficult to sift through the noise to uncover the insights that matter. Cloud Shifters can help. We believe information should be free; read our blog for reviews, how-to’s and commentary.

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