Structured Cabling

Guaranteed Cabling

That's right, we stand by our work for the life of the cable (or building...whichever comes first). We certify every cable we run and will return at no cost to fix wiring faults.

Wired networks simply have to deliver bulletproof performance. When we run cable, we don't cut corners. We haven't had to return to fix a cable yet, but we will if it fails...which it won't. But if does, which it won't, we will, but we won't have to. Still with us? Just know that we guarantee our work.

Demand the Best

Do you know which brand of cable your vendor used? Should you care? Yes. Yes, you should. Inferior cables are abundant with the increase in the cost of copper. Demand the best, solid copper cabling. Some vendors are passing Copper Clad Aluminum as proper Category cable. The fact is, solid copper is the only certified conductor for any Category cable.

What's the one component of your network that will be in place longest? The answer is your structured cabling. Long after switches, APs, endpoints and even phones have been replaced....your cabling will still be there. And so will we.

Cable Management as Art

We're serious about cable management. It's not just that we are *ahem* retentive...proper cable management makes it easy to maintain your wired network. Does your IDF look like the picture on the left? Do you wish that it did? We can help. Contact us.